About The Artist

Laila Haus is a bereaved mother and designer. She has four precious daughters - three here on earth and one in heaven. She lives in the heart of Canada, where the winters are cold and the people are warm.

Laila has a bachelor's degree in Visual Communications from the Alberta College of Art and Design. She has 15 years experience as a professional graphic designer, art director and associate creative director in the advertising industry. She is kind-hearted and brings passion and patience to everything she does.


About The Art

The Lullabye Condolences cards are made using watercolour pigments and pure Canadian snow. The snow is gathered and used to create the artwork, which is then scanned and printed on a beautiful, glimmer-white card stock. Just as each loss journey is unique, there is beauty, purity and individuality in each snowflake. It is a subtle, yet meaningful way to send condolences straight from the heavens.